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Element Support Products

Element support within furnaces is perhaps one of the most arduous operating conditions for any ceramic product. The ceramic components must not only withstand the high service temepratures but also have a high resistance to thermal cracking, abrasion and spalling.

Over the years Cooinda has developed not only high quality compound formulations to achieve extended service life but also a comprehensive range of components designed for coil, rod and strip element support applications and Glo-bar support sleeves.

Our element support tiles feature an interlocking design for ease of assembly and rod element supports can be supplied with spacers integrated into the design or as separate components.

In conjunction with our ceramic fibre anchoring system element tubes can be supported using one of our range of threaded ceramic hooks.

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Our R&D division incorporates in-house tooling manufacture and design facilities to quickly adapt your tooling or assist in the development of new tooling to suit your requirements.

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